About Me

A photo of my hand shaking a hand made with iron wire above a table
Fancy meeting you here, comrade

Jun Poli-Tessier, French, 24, they/them

"Let us choose for ourselves our path in life, and let us try to strew that path with flowers." - Emilie du Châtelet

Currently in a UI/UX apprenticeship at ECV Digital School, I graduated in Motion and Graphic Design at Campus Fonderie de l'Image. I am passionate about creating interactive experiences and designing vibrant but usable and clear user interfaces.

My experiences as a queer person have defined how I approach design and I want to work in the most inclusive and respectful way.

Because of that, I cherish inclusivity, accessibility and intentionality of design, and I honestly believe we can create a better video games industry by putting these values at the core of our creations.

I'm looking for new opportunities all around Europe, freelance or contract. If you're a studio who values feminism, LGBTQ+ and disabled inclusion, then let's connect, we're made to work together!